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B2B Business: Social Media Marketing

For B2B, Instagram reigns supreme, but Facebook continues to offer value. One of the easiest ways to use social media is to leverage your blog content. Posts directing them to useful content provides relevant information while also assisting with your SEO efforts. You can also cross-promote across all your social media platforms. Good use of social media can include engaging visuals and helpful info such as:

  • Industry tips

  • Industry news

  • Pain point solutions

  • Updates to your products/services

  • Happy client stories

  • Links to case studies and white papers on your website

  • Video testimonials

  • Links to instructional videos made by your company

The one thing to avoid on social media is overt sales pitches. You want to inform and engage, and therefore spike curiosity and lead people to your services.

Reposted: Courtesy of Clodagh O'Brien, Digital Marketing Institute

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