Hosting, Support & Maintenance

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After your website launches, we’re still around to help you out, whether that’s with hosting, upgrades, technical support, marketing or everyday maintenance.


Good hosting is essential to a well performing website. It keeps your website online, ensures it loads quickly and takes off-site backups in case there is ever an issue. Nothing makes us sadder than a lovely website that doesn’t work because the hosting isn’t up to snuff.

Through our partners, we provide different levels of hosting based on your individual needs and walk you through what we feel would work best for you.


Even though it’s easy as pie to update your own website, sometimes we find that people need a little help keeping it all running smoothly. We have several maintenance and membership plans that can be customized to your needs to make sure your website is always at its very best

Training & Support

Does the idea of launching a site and being responsible for its updates leave you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be! Each and every one of our websites comes with custom directions, in-person lessons and ongoing support to get you on your feet.

To get started, click GET QUOTE to help you figure out exactly what your project requirements are or just give you an estimate if you already know what you need.